Jul 252014

Scauldy is now back in Dragons: Rise of Berk! If you don’t know about Rise of Berk, it is a How To Train Your Dragon mobile game based on all your favorite characters for Android or Apple iOS devices. You can pick it up for free in your local app store for free and collect amazing cool dragons in your very own Berk Village.

Dragons Rise of Berk - Scauldy Dragon is Back Changewing Search Limited Time too

Available for a limited time this week, until Monday July 28th 2014, you have a chance to search for the exclusive Scauldy dragon based on the Scauldron species or your very own Changewing! If you are new to the game, it is recommended that you focus your time on searching for the Scauldron as that is a limited edition dragon that only returns for a short amount of time. Although the Changewing is also discounted, you can obtain this dragon through your regular progression of the game. However it may take time for you to level to unlock the Changewing into your  Berk Village.

Searching for both dragons can take extensively longer but the Changewing has a 6 hours search time and also does the Scauldy so players may think they need to choose wisely but don’t forget that exploring for the either the Changewing or Scauldy will result in the same location which means you’ll get a chance to get the Changewing or Scauldy regardless.


Jul 232014

Jurassic Park Builder developers makes a huge update with the brand new Battle Arena Tournament update or version 4.2.16 for mobile devices. The update features a number of new challenges like the League System which is online Tournaments with other players. You can also now have Aquatic Battles with certain Aquatic creatures in Tournament modes.

Jurassic Park Builder - Aquatic Battle

The battles in Tournaments are expected to be with live players from our experience, because one of our opponent actually disconnected ending our thought-to-be winning battle. However, to play in Tournament, you are required to have cash to start the battle but you do get to win a larger amount if you happen to win and rank first place. Aquatic battles are also found in this Tournament section however don’t expect to have control over when you want to do an aquatic battle because that’ll be up to the contest being held at the time.


There are even more missions now as new missions are available in all three parks from Jurassic to Aquatic to Glacier. Now you can get more bonuses and complete those missions making your parks the best one you can.


Have you noticed that there’s something different about the dinosaurs? specifically their design and how the texture on their skin looks smoother and more realistic? Well this is definitely a plus and some of the dinosaurs even have different colors now just check them out below. Be sure to check them out in your game and get the latest update for Jurassic Park Builder!


Jurassic Park Builder - New Dinosaur Texture 1 Jurassic Park Builder - New Dinosaur Texture 2




What’s New in Version 4.2.16

The Battle Arena Tournament is now available:

• Challenge other players, win Prizes and Trophies based on your wins and make your way through the League system.
• Introducing Aquatic Battles with the Tournament mode along with Park Battles!
• New combat system for Aquatic Battles: choose the most optimal attacks to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.
• Feed your Dinosaurs to increase their statistics and make them stronger in combat.
• New missions are also available in your Jurassic, Aquatic, and Glacier Parks.
• Continue earning more experience points and achieve up to Level 80.
• Rebalancing of the difficulty of Battles in solo mode.
• Bug fixes for overall game performance that help improve your experience in the game.
• Game now available in Japanese.

Thanks for playing Jurassic Park Builder!

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The Jurassic Park Builder dev team

Jul 232014

Torch has returned in Dragons: Rise of Berk, The How To Train Your Dragon mobile game available on Android or Apple iOS devices. Now you can search for Torch within this time frame (it’s a short one) but Torch makes a return if you have missed him the first time around. How does it work? Login to your game today and find Torch in the market available for purchase or to search for, press the search button (which should take 5 hours) then return and see if Toothless has found a Torch egg for your game.

Dragons Rise of Berk - Torch Returns 24 Hours

Please keep in mind that your ability to get Torch is completely random. You will get more chances if you choose to use Runes for premium packages like 2-3 bags but it will not guarantee Toothless will return with the dragon egg. The dragon was first made available on the week of June 21, 2014 so it makes a return 1 month later giving you a chance to get this exclusive dragon once again if you’ve missed him the first time around. Be sure not to miss this dragon for your game! Torch is only available for 24 hours this time around and may return in the future.

The Typhoomerang is also available to search for if you are a beginner and do not have access to him so be sure to search for that dragon as well if  you need a Typhoomerang.

Jul 102014

Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers has been released from Wizards of the Coast LLC. Based on Magic: The Gathering, fans can now play this collectible card game straight on their mobile devices with full animation and battle. Check out the information for the game below! The game is available for Apple iOS players, Android players will probably need to wait for the official Android release.

Magic 2015 Gatherinig News

Experience the world’s best strategy game with Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers!

Hunt bigger game in this all new adventure. Command powerful creatures and wield devastating spells to defeat your opponents in the most exciting Magic yet!

•Detailed tutorial makes it easy to start playing
•The quickest way to learn the world’s best strategy trading card game

•Sharpen your skills as you fight your way across the Multiverse
•Face ever-more challenging opponents
•Come face-to-face with legendary Planeswalkers on Innistrad, Theros, Ravnica, and more.

•Craft your ultimate deck from hundreds of cards
•Open Booster packs to grow your collection and become more powerful

•Enter multi-player mode to test your deck
•Pit your skills against random opponents or your Game Center friends

Magic 2015 performs best on iPad 3 or later, iPad 2 or newer required.

Gameplay Trailer

Jul 012014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Official Game is now FREE for mobile devices

Have you wanted to play the Captain America: The Winter Soldier – The Official Game from Gameloft but didn’t want to buy it? Well it’s free for download now as the developers have seem to released the game from the paid section and is now officially free. For how long? We’re not sure. The game was [Open page......]

Jun 262014
Injustice: Gods Among Us Regime Killer Frost Challenge Revealed

Available until Monday July 14. 8:00AM is a brand new challenge for Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile players. Get the brand new character Killer Frost (Regime) through this challenge that is only available for a limited time. The challenge is currently only available for iOS and not found on Android.   For Android Players It [Open page......]

Dragons: Rise of Berk Review (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

Dragons: Rise of Berk Review (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is hitting theaters in North America really soon and Dragons: Rise of Berk is the mobile game that celebrates the release of this new movie. From Ludia, the developers of Jurassic Park Builder, in Dragons: Rise of Berk you can officially build your very own Berk Village from the [Open page......]

Godzilla - Smash3 Review

Godzilla – Smash3 Review

While Godzilla has hit the theaters, the Godzilla mobile game is now available for download to Android or Apple iOS devices. The game is absolutely free to play and you can download it to just about any of the latest device, the graphics are intense and will not support older devices.      App Name: Godzilla [Open page......]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released yesterday and it was an amazing movie for all Spidey fans but how does The Official Amazing Spider-Man 2 game play? Well you get a number of different suits, and you get to swing around the city as if you were the real Spider-Man in New York city. Spider-Man [Open page......]

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Review

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Review

It’s been a long while since we’ve found a notable game. With the recent flood of “Flappy” Bird games who really wants to scroll by the store looking for good game? Well luckily, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff hits the local app stores and it’s absolutely free to play! The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices which means you can play on either devices.

Splashy Fish - The Adventure of a Flappy Tiny Bird Fish Review

Splashy Fish – The Adventure of a Flappy Tiny Bird Fish Review

Flappy Bird the flapping bird is what all the rave is about these days, but being removed from the market, “Splashy Fish – The Adventure of a Flappy Tiny Bird Fish” is a great alternative (if not the best) for players around the world to get a similar experience but with a flapping fish. Taking the [Open page......]

Lawless Review

Lawless Review

Lawless is an action-shooter game from Mobage and DeNA released on December 5th 2013 for mobile devices. You will play as a leader of a crew of professional criminals.. yes professional criminals in a 3D environment shooter game set in the 1990′s of LA, USA. Your job is to take on waves of SWAT teams, [Open page......]