Jul 232016

With all the Pokemon craze about Pokemon Go, one must wonder if there is a way to play the game without actually having to walk around in the dreaded heat. It looks like players have found a way to hack the game and walk around the world without actually having to do it themselves in real life. There is always a potential for being banned when using hacks or cheats so use the information with caution if you are planning on trying it out.

In this article, we will cover the iOS version for the iPhone. First, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken so that you can download apps that are not signed by Apple themselves.

  • On a Jailbroken device launch Cydia, go to “Sources” tap Edit at the top right hand corner then tap “Add”.
  • Now add the Repo URL: http://williamlcobb.com/repo
  • Confirm and press done
  • Go into Search and type in PokemonGoAnywhere
  • Install then respring your device.
  • Launch Pokemon Go App


PokemonGoAnywhere can be a bit tricky to use for new users but we will try to break down the app so that you can use it to walk around anywhere in your town.

Pokemon Go Hack

There is a total of 5 additional buttons when you launch the app, four on the left side and one home button on the right side.

  • From top to bottom on the left, the empty circle white button at the top represents your ability to hide the button or turn off the hack/mod but that will also warp you directly back to your GPS location.
  • The button with 1X means your walking speed. You have an option of increasing the speed from normal to 2x to 4x.
  • The button under it that says “Tap to Walk” means when it’s enabled you will be able to walk around, however, the controls are in beta. You must be facing NORTH on your compass to correctly walk in the direction you are dragging.
  • The Patrol button automatically circles your character in the area walking.
  • Lastly, the button on the right is the home button which will walk your character to your GPS location.
Jul 232016

Pokemon Go’ers have found a way to control the evolutions of your Eevees, one of the most highly popular Pokemon in the world. The Eevee, has multiple evolutions but part of the 151 Pokemons of the original series, three of Eevee’s evolution consist of a Water-type, Fire-type, and Electric-type Pokemon, and they are Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon respectively.


To evolve an Eevee in Pokemon Go, you will need to have 25 Eevee Candies and an Eevee as base to evolve with. In order to acquire candies, you will need to have hatched an Eevee from and Egg or catch them in the wild. The number of candies you get from catching/hatching them varies depending on your game, some times you can get 3 some times you can get 6+.

Once you have 25 Eevee candies, you will need to determine which Pokemon you want your Eevee to Evolve into, the rarity of each Pokemon is dependent on your city and area. So choose based on your location, if you see a lot of Vaporeons in Gyms then chances are there’s probably a Vaporeon spawn spot near by so you may want to get Jolteon or Flareon.

Vaporeon – Water-Type pokemon that is strong against Fire types but weak against Electricity.


Jolteon – Electric-Type Pokemon that is strong against Water Types but weak against Fire.


Flareon – Fire-Type Pokemon that is strong against Electric but weak against Water.


In order to do this trick you must rename your Eevee to one of the following and they will evolve accordingly.

  • Vaporeon -> Rainer
  • Jolteon -> Sparky
  • Flareon -> Pyro
Jul 222016

A new character has been added into the most popular Marvel game, Contest of Champions. The brand new character is yet another character from the X-Men series which means you can be expecting to see a new mutant class character if you compete in the event or win it from the crystals. The new character that is added this time is Henry Philip “Hank” McCoy aka the Beast. A furry blue mutant that has an ape-like appearance with super strength, razor sharp claws, animal like movement, and has genuis level intellect.

The Beast is a popular character among X-Men fans and is now available for you to obtain in your game.

One of the world’s experts on mutantions and evolutionary human  biology, Hank was born a mutant with unusually large hands and feet. Later in life, Hank took a hormonal extract that caused him to grow fangs, pointed ears and fur all over his body. He was now a Beast in body, as well as in name.

Some of his abilities in this game include

  • Chained Combo (Awaken)
  • Freestyle
  • Acrobatic
  • Bleed Resistance
  • Stun

Like all new champions available in Contest of Champions, the character will be available for gamble in the Crystals or is attainable from the events. However please keep in mind that the crystals will not guarantee you a Beast character and even though you may see people posting about getting them, the rates are rarely that good.

Marvel Contest of Champions Blue Beast

Jul 222016

Dragon City players can find a brand new island in their game filled with new amazing dragons to collect. These dragons are only available for a limited time for players that complete the new island dubbed the “DC Games” island, also known as Dragon City Games Island. This game island has a number of dragons you can obtain for your game by completing the event. You complete the event through obtaining “Medals” then moving your dragons towards the finish flag where you will be able to obtain the dragon after the dragon is able to exit from the Dragon City Games.

Dragon City New DC Games Island

  1. Hawaiian Dragon
  2. Drainbow Dragon
  3. White Knight Dragon
  4. Archer Dragon
  5. Yokai Dragon
  6. Heat Dragon
  7. Discus Thrower Dragon
  8. Immortal Dragon
  9. Fencing Dragon
  10. Motorbike Dragon
  11. ??
  12. ???
  13. Runner Dragon

In order to obtain these dragons you must take the dragon towards the finish line flag at the end. First you must obtain “keys” to free these dragons. All of these movements requires you to have gold medals, and without gold medals you will not be able to progress your dragon forward. You can collect Gold Medals through collecting Gold, Food, Breeding Dragons, Hatching Dragon eggs, and more. So be sure to collect as many Gold Medals you can. The Gold Medals can only be collected up to a certain amount during a certain time period and will refresh after 6 hours or so.

Jul 162016
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Jul 102016
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