100 Exits: Level 11


Level 11 in 100 Exits is a sound-based stage so be sure you have your sound on at the fullest to experience the beeping sound of a cry. What type of cry? A cry for help of course! The S.O.S is what this stage is about and is definitely one of those stages you can put your schooling to use..

In the middle of the door is a lifeguard and you tap on the door to make a sound. What you need to do is make an S.O.S call to unlock the door. If you don’t know your S.O.S then know that you can tap the door quickly to make 1 sound or hold it to make one long sound. The solution to level 11 for 100 Exits is as follows.

SOLUTION (· · · — — — · · ·)

Tap the door on Level 11 according to this and the door will open. Dot means 1 quick tap, line means one long time. Basically to make an SOS call its three quick taps three long taps then three quick taps again.

Following this instruction will allow you to beak level 11 in 100 Exits to be on your way to level 12!

100 Exits - Level 11

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