100 Exits: Level 15


Level 15 in 100 Exits is one of the most difficult stages in the game if you just play the game normally. The hints on the stage even with paid tips are not that helpful and will not help you pass the stage. After knowing the solution, you will know that it’s a very simple one just a lot of confusing tricks to make you think otherwise.

To beat Level 15 in 100 Exits you must tap the letters  at the button in this order.

  1. F
  2. U
  3. L
  4. L

Once you do this the door on exit 15 will be unlocked and you will be able to advance in your 100 Exits game onto the new level of exit 16.

100 Exits - Level 15

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  1. I cant get past level 15 its really hard to understand the intructions

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