100 Exits: Level 21


100 Exits level 21 is a very unique stage that will probably take you some time before you complete it. When you see the stage you will see some weights and an image how to incorrect place them and how it you can only correctly place them.

Your job in level 21 of 100 Exits is to bring everything on the right over to the left and the door will open. However, you cannot place a larger one on top of a smaller one. To beat this stage follow the guide  by Gameteep below.

  1. Green to middle
  2. Yellow to Left
  3. Green on top of Yellow on left
  4. Red to Middle
  5. Green to right
  6. Yellow to Red
  7. Green to Left
  8. Green to Middle
  9. Blue to Left
  10. Green to Right
  11. Yellow to Left
  12. Green to left
  13. Red to Right
  14. Green to Red on Right
  15. Yellow to Middle
  16. Green to Middle
  17. Red to Blue
  18. Green to Right
  19. Yellow to Red
  20. Green to yellow

A Key will drop in the middle of the stage pick it and select it then open the door to beat Level 21 in 100 Exits game.

100 Exits - Level 21

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