100 Exits: Level 28


Level 28 is a basketball level stage, no just kidding. It is a toss paper in the basket stage with multiple different colors and a really fancy looking door. When you begin Exit 28 in 100 Exits you will see red, green, white, yellow, and blue paper balls on the ground and a silver basket beside them. Above is a bunch of mixed up color signs that are trying to hint and confuse you to which colors you should throw into the basket.

To beat Level 28 in 100 Exits you must follow the arrow on the right then look towards the color panel then read the color name. The solution to level 28 in 100 Exits are as follows.

  1. Green
  2. White
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow

After throwing these paper balls into the silver basket, the door on Exit 28 in 100 Exits will open allowing you to go into Exit 29 in your game!

100 Exits - Level 28

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  1. It’s basically the colour order going UP the arrow, then check what word is written on that colour in that order.

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