100 Exits: Level 29


Level 29 in 100 Exits is another one of those stage that can put you out of your app game, which is quite annoying but however, you just need to be quick about the process. When you begin the stage, you will see a bunch of stop signs at the top, four to be exact. On the right side you will see the mobile device with a white and black arrows. Within these arrows are squares.

If you want to beat the Exit 29 stage in your game you must tap the HOME KEY (circle key on iPhone). However, you don’t just press the key on there. You must tap it really quickly so your task bar comes up then tap it again to close. Each time you do this a stop sign will be removed from the top. Continue to do this in your game to beat 100 Exits stage 29.

100 Exits - Level 29

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  1. How do u beat it if u don't have an iphone or tbe ad button?

  2. How do u beat it if you don't have a. Iphone or the ad button??

  3. Solution for HTC Desire HD running version 2.3.5 Android: Hold one finger on the phone on the wall when turning your phone off. Turn it back on again and return to the game. One “no entry sign” fades away. Repeat the process and the other one fades and the door opens. Took me ages to figure this out!

  4. I still dont get it lol

    • On my iP4, it didn’t work unless I held down the button and the voice control came up. Then cancel and repeat 3 more times.

  5. For new iPad, swipe upwards with four fingers at once to reveal the multitasking bar. Do this enough times and eventually the door will open.

  6. It also works if you have one of the newer ipods or ipod updates, to pull down the task bar thing from the top of the screen.

  7. I get it u double press you’re home button wen the things down the bottom come up u tap the screen do this 4 thimes

  8. For samsung galaxy s3 touch the wall phone then double tap the home bar quickly. Only had to do it a total of four times. Use home button to return to game on recent apps list

  9. For those of u that it didn’t work. I passed it by pulling down the notifications swipe. 4x with each time removing a sign. : )

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