100 Exits: Level 30


Level 30 in 100 Exits is probably one of the most amazing stages by coolness and design. When you begin the stage you will see a quick flash of the letters and then it starts spinning in different motions. If you got an older device then it might not. Once it’s done spinning you will see a crossword type of game where you need to solve the puzzle to move forward in the game.

To beat Level 30 in 100 Exits you must tap the correct order of letters in a certain direction that will create a musical sound. The solution to beating level 30 is to start from the top right then tap that towards the bottom left. Follow the letters below.

  1. I
  2. O
  3. O
  4. E
  5. X
  6. I
  7. T
  8. S

Once you have followed the directions carefully in your game you should be able to unlock the door on level 30 so that it will appear in the middle.  However this is not all! You need to now open the door by tapping the correct order. To open this door you need to find the O from the left top third row. And tap it in this order.

  1. O
  2. P
  3. E
  4. N
  5. D
  6. O
  7. O
  8. R

100 Exits - Level 30

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  1. If anyone is wondering about the logic her…. so was I for a while.. until I relized that it spells 100exits on the diagonal line

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