100 Exits: Level 70


Welcome to Level 70 in 100 Exits. In today’s guide we’ll let you know the combination of numbers to successfully beat this stage for the holiday update.

When you begin the stage you will see a series of letters and some words on the door on the right. On the door is the word “Super”, “Great”, and “exits”.

We’ll make this tutorial short so we’re going to dive right into the combinations for beating the stage.

  • T=2
  • I=8
  • X=6
  • G=3
  • S=5
  • A=9
  • R=7
  • E=1
  • P=0
  • U=4
You can follow the numbers above or check out the diagram but once you’ve entered these numbers you’ll be able to beat Level 70 in 100 Exits!

Looking for more 100 Exits solutions and guides? Well be sure to check out the index page for all your 100 Exits solutions. If it’s not listed, let us know and we’ll have it up soon! Please keep in mind that you can email us or post a comment.

100 Exits - Level 70


  2 Responses to “100 Exits: Level 70”

  1. Can youlease explain the reasoning behind the combination?

  2. On the door there is an equation. SUPER – GREAT = EXITS. If each letter corresponds to a digit from 0 to 9, the equation that fits best is 54017 – 37912 = 16825.

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