100 Exits: Level 8


Level 8 in 100 Exits is not a difficult stage if you know the solution. Your task in this stage is to turn on the correct switches to turn on the light bulb at the top, once you do you will be able to get past level 8 in 100 Exits.

To beat Level 8 in 100 Exits you must follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Turn on the switch on the top right of the blue button, top on the switch above it as well.
  2. Turn on the button on the bottom right of the blue button.
  3. Doing this you would have 3 buttons on. From the bottom right button from the blue circle turn on everything on the lower portion except the button above the red circle.

This will unlock the door on level 8 of 100 exits allowing you to slide the door open to level 9 in your 100 Exits game.


100 Exits - Level 8

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