100 Exits: Level 9


In stage 9 in 100 Exits you will find that there are multiple cars and sets of headlights on the left side of the level. On the far right is the door you need to unlock to allow you to advance and beat 100 Exits. Below the cars are a bunch of numbers that will help you solve this puzzle in 100 Exits.

To beat level 9 in 100 Exits you must ensure you follow the instructions below.

  1. Tap the first two cars so the headlights face up.
  2. Tap the third car so the headlights face down
  3. Tap the fourth car to make the headlights face up
  4. Tap the last two cars to make the headlights face down.
  5. Tap the door.

Once you have done this the door will open allowing you to beat level 9 in 100 exits and move on to level 10 in 100 Exits.

100 Exits - Level 9

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