100 Floors – Annex: Level 1


Level 1 of the Annex in 100 Floors begins with quite a skill testing, or reaction testing stage. In this stage, you will begin by seeing a tree in the middle of the room and on the right is a rock that has a rope tied to it. That being said you need to be timing this stage correctly when you cut the rope or the stage will reset itself if you fail to catch the egg.

The Solution

To beat Level of the Annex in your 100 Floors game you must select the knife then cut the rope on the right. Once you do the left wooden hanger will fall but at the same time an egg being held by it will fall as well. You must tap on the egg before it hits the ground or it will break and the stage will reset itself.

Once you have caught the egg select it and place it into the next to get to the next level of the Annex in your 100 Floors game.

100 Floors - Annex Level 1 Solution

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  1. I just tapped that thing in the upper left corner and got the egg. I couldn't even cut the rope.

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