100 Floors – Annex: Level 12


100 Floors  Level 12 in the Annex Tower was released on September 25 on an official update that brought 15 brand new stages to the classic 100 Floors game.  This stage is found in the Annex section of the game and the seasonal section has not been updated.

Level 12 is a challenging and yet interesting stage. Once you understand the fundamental formula or thought behind the stage then you’ll find it easy to beat even without the help from others. It’s actually based a bit on math then adding up numbers then following the direction of the arrows which are really the greater than sign.


The theory behind this stage is for you to add up ALL of the numbers from the same colors then find which one is the greatest then align them using the color buttons below.

Begin the stage by picking up  the rake then use it to scratch the top portion revealing three new numbers. Add these numbers up with the same color then make sure the biggest number which should be YELLOW then GREEN, THEN RED, THEN BLUE.

So that’s from left to right on the buttons.

  • RED
  • BLUE

Once you do this you will beat level 12 in the Annex Tower section of 100 Floors.

100 Floors - Annex Level 12

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