100 Floors – Annex: Level 2


Welcome to Level 2 of the Annex in 100 Floors. If you have made it through the Main Tower in 100 Floors then you’ve probably seen something similar to this stage before, that being said means it’s not something you are going to struggle with or spend time on. In fact, some players can spend hours aligning different lines and get no where.

The Solution

It’s hard to explain to solution but let us try! This solution for Level 2 of the Annex is quite easy actually. Look for the dot at the top right of the screen then tap it slide down into the middle then slide left. Press the switch on the right and the door will slide open for you to get your hands on Level 3 of this amazing Annex stage in 100 Floors!

Great explanation below by contributor Franc! Check it out in the comments.

100 Floors - Annex Level 2 Solution

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  1. Explanation:

    Think of the image as two distinct segments, arranged on a compass with 8 points.

    One segment starts in the north, then goes east, then south. It moves two compass directions (considering an 8-point compass) each time. It follows that it should be pointing west in the fourth arrangement.

    The other segment starts west, then northwest, then north. It moves one compass direction each time. In the fourth arrangement, it should be pointing northeast.

  2. it wont work for me!

  3. Me neither. I found the answer alone and tried everything. I came here to validate and this answer doesn’t work. I have and iPhone 3.0 iOS 5

  4. The fourth empty box at the top represents the pattern you’re trying to complete. Each pattern has two lines, and Changes in a particular pattern from one box to the next. The first
    One starts pointing west, then northwest, then north – the fourth move would be pointing north east. (Picture the segment rotating one step at a time counter-clockwise.) the second segment points north, then east, then south – the fourth step is pointing west. (Rotating two places clockwise at each step.)

  5. Think of the squares like clock hands and see how much they move each time. From first square to second square, the top hand moves 2 segments clockwise, left hand moves 1 segment. From second square to third square is the same… One hand moves 2 segments the other moves 1 segment. Now follow the same pattern from third square into fourth square and draw the shape on the 9 dot grid.

  6. ads, your solution makes most sense. thank you.

  7. ??? This answer doesnt work for me:/ if you see it like a clock the answer should be ten past nine, right?

  8. One line turns 90 degrees each time, the other turns 45 degrees each time

  9. At the end TAP the red gearshift .. Not pull it down

  10. if you look how the images at the top of the door differs, you’ll see that the “NORTHERN” arrow goes “TWO” steps “in clock direction”, and the “EASTERN” one goes “ONE” step “in clock direction and so on. draw the fourth image using the points at the door, then push the lever down, the door will be opened.
    *note: no matter where from you start your way to draw the missing image, it works anyway.

  11. It’s a pattern over time. The fourth box is asking for the pattern that will come next after the third picture. It has given us the first, the second and the third box so that we can pick up on the pattern that will come next. What you are supposed to see is that the from the first box to the second box hand in the 12 o’clock position moves two lines each time (clockwise) the other hand in the 9 o’clock position moves one line each time (clockwise as well). you can confirm this pattern by looking at the second box transitioning to the third. The patterns stays true as well. Therefore from third to fourth you just have to shift two for the bottom half of top three (clockwise) and one for the hand that is the too half (clockwise as well) and you will get your answer. Also if this doesn’t work, try holding the lever down longer instead of a quick pull.

  12. the stupid thing didnt work for me!

  13. Forget about N/NE etc. The left ‘hand’ is rotating 45 degrees clockwise in each pic above the foor, the right ‘hand’ is rotating 90 degrees clockwise. The answer is where the ‘hands’ will be in the last picture.

    Hope that helps.

  14. You sort of have to press and hold the lever to get it to work, and you have to slide from one dot to the next you can’t stop in the middle.

  15. Got it.

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