100 Floors – Annex: Level 3


Level 3 for the Annex in 100 Floors is another number stage, but it doesn’t mean you will be doing math! Well just maybe. As a child you’ve probably heard about Rock, Paper, and Scissors. right? Well this game has made its way into the 100 Floors game and you just need to do a couple of tapping to get yourself on your way to the next level of the Annex.

When you begin the stage you will see colors of Red and Green lights in a blue area. In the middle is your casual rock, paper, and scissors hand demonstration. Your job is to tap on the player score and NPC with the correct amount of numbers.

The Solution

To solve the puzzle in Level 3 of 100 Floors in the Annex you need to tap the the squares following our guide or the diagram below.

  1. Top left – 5
  2. Bottom Left  – 2
  3. Bottom Right – 5
Once you do this your door in 100 floors for the Annex level 3 will open allowing you to go towards level 4 in your game

100 Floors - Annex Level 3 Solution

  9 Responses to “100 Floors – Annex: Level 3”

  1. The numbers used are the number of fingers visible and you're aiming to get a situation where it is a draw

  2. Sorry not a draw but a 3-0

  3. While using each one

  4. Number of fingers. Not 7-7. 0=rock, 2=scissors,

  5. Multiple hints: the number is the number of fingers shown 5= paper, 2 = scissors, 0 = rock. The "carets" on the right are greater than signs so the bottom number is a 5 (paper) and the other two stay 0 (rock) and 2 (scissors). so the Non-player character (computer) plays rock, scissors, paper. To beat it, the player (left side) plays paper, rock, scissors or 5, 0, 2 top to bottom and "U WIN".

  6. I think the solution is random and then they hope people will come up with possible reasons/logic after randomly finding the solution….. This game has gone from interesting to ridiculous!!

  7. What does NYC mean?

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