100 Floors – Annex: Level 4


Level 4 of the Annex in 100 Floors is probably one of those floors that will want to make you throw your device against the wall to see if it actually makes any sound. When you begin Level 4 you will notice a stick man sort of drawing in the middle with music notes and a guitar. There is also a drum right at the bottom of the screen and some dots above the door. Your task is try to follow the beat until the end – which is totally not hard, but not easy as well.

The Solution

You are recommended to restart your level with the restart button at the bottom right if you fail the first time. You need to tap the screen according to the dot on top of the screen and when you get it correctly you will unlock the door on Level 4 to level 5 in the Annex of 100 Floors app game.

100 Floors - Annex Level 4 Solution

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  1. The figure in the door is tapping his foot in the rhythm shown by the dots. Tap the drum along with his foot tapping and the dots turn pink. Miss one and it resets, I believe. But keep the rhythm and you’re golden!

  2. Most stupid stage!

  3. Most stupid stage!

  4. very dificult ,, i can’t solve it 🙁

  5. He taps his foot to the tune of "blue danube"…… look it up befote and it makes it easier.

  6. Took me an hour and a half SOLID to solve it!

  7. i can’t solve it this level sucks

  8. This level is so time consuming… The worst level in existence.

  9. you lot have no rhythm… 5mins – complete

  10. I found that turning off my sound helped

  11. I got it. Tap once for the first round, when the rhythm starts again, wait for his 2nd tap, then tap the screen, wait until he finish his 2nd round tapping, then wait 3rd round tapping without tapping anything. 4th round, wait until he tapped 3rd dot, then immediately tap the screen 3 times. Then let him finish the round, wait 5th round without tapping ( because its blank in the dots above) … follow this and the dots should turn pink above. Good luck.

  12. I found it worked best if I kept my finger very close to the screen. If I lifted it too far between Taos, it didn’t work.

  13. Um, that would be TAPS.

  14. 10 secs flat done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Just follow his foot

  16. It seems as if the first tap is on the red side of the drum and the rest are on the white top (all done to the beat) it works every time…

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