100 Floors – Annex: Level 8


100 Floors  Level 8 in the Annex was released on September 25 on an official update that brought 15 brand new stages to the classic 100 Floors game.  This stage is found in the Annex section of the game and the seasonal section has not been updated.

When you begin the game you will see a bunch of wood that looks cut and that can be moved if you select one column and tap it against another block with the same color. The bottom brown wood will be able to exchange position with any other brown wood int he bottom section while the red one will do the same in the upper portion


What you need to do is to align the wood so they look like the one in the image. This is a very difficult task to explain in words but looking at the bottom wood, the longest cut down goes on the right, the highest tip wood goes on the second right then the one with the  V shape goes on the far left. The last one will be self-explanatory.

Once this is done, it’s time to move the red wood so it aligns with the one at the bottom so it will close correctly. After doing this you will be able to beat Level 8 in the Annex tower of 100 Floors!

100 Floors - Annex Level 8

  2 Responses to “100 Floors – Annex: Level 8”

  1. Thanks! i stopped for a while in this game…it’s nice to be back!

  2. Why does it need to specifically be that design? Any design should work as long as the wood pieces fit together, there is no real reason for that specific arrangement.

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