100 Floors – Annex: Level 9


100 Floors  Level 9 in the Annex was released on September 25 on an official update that brought 15 brand new stages to the classic 100 Floors game.  This stage is found in the Annex section of the game and the seasonal section has not been updated.

Beginning level 9 in the Annex tower you will see a reflective mirror and what appears to be a green laser beam that is reflecting off of it. Soon you will notice that it does no where, so your task is to get it to lift the door in this stage to beat it and get past this level.


Move the box aside on the right side, you will notice a tiny, tiny, tiny small lift you can move up, do so until you can see it. Now use the knife on it to unlock a mirror that gives you the ability to reflect the beam onto the mirror above. You do this by moving the mirror up into position and ensuring that it will bounce off of it correctly.

Once you do this the door will open and that means Level 9 in the Annex tower of classic 100 Floors.

100 Floors - Annex Level 9

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