100 Floors: Level 100


Congratulations on making to Level 100 in the 100 Floors game and this final stage will definitely have you feeling like you accomplished something important throughout all 100 levels. When you begin the stage you will see silver blocks or a gate style door blocking your way to freedom, success and the Annex Tower. On the right is a pirate ship wheel and while on the left is a masterpiece artwork.

The Solution

To beat the stage 100 on 100 floors you must slide all the silver blocks over towards the right. Once you do start from the bottom and follow the diagram below. Remember to slide the last piece on the second row to the right which will then unlock the door and welcome you to the Annex which is the next Tower aside from the Main 100 Floors tower.


100 Floors Level 100 Solution100 Floors Level 100 Beat

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  1. why is this the answer?
    whats the explanation for this?

  2. It’s because of the position of the bright stars!

  3. i don’t get how you’ve come up with this answer. Does anyone have an explanation? Thanks

  4. This was so helpful thank you I am on anxe second building

  5. The explanation is:
    The distance of the yellow stars with the center of the map which is:

    1st star 2 lines away
    2nd star 3 lines away
    3rd star 5 lines away
    4rd star 7 lines away

    • yes but the answer is 1, 3, 5, 6 NOT 2, 3, 5, 7

      • The answer is 7, 5, 3, 2 if you count from the right side.

        • No no, the explanation about the circle in which the yellow star is is right, but you hace to count the circles not from the inside out, but from the outside in, in that way the first star is in the first circle (the bigger circle) and so on.

  6. this use to be such a fun game, I rember 2 weeks ago I used to wake up extra early, every morning just to play this game..

  7. I agree

  8. Yeah, I'd like an explanation as to why, and where the clue is to figure it out. It makes no sense, and half the fun of this game is understanding why the answer is THAT ANSWER. I mean, yeah, I may not get it and have to look it up, but I'd like to know what I was missing and why I wasn't getting it.

  9. This game is just fucking retarded! It used to be clever then the solutions just became so obscure and never even follow a theme. And this stupid solution page doesn't ever explain how to solve it. It just tells you the answer! WTF


  11. 1 panel has 1 star, second panel 2 stars, 3rd panel has 3, and… well go figure

  12. jar3t is right, just add one to each number of his answer, the answer is 3, 4, 6, 8 grills away from the RIGHT edge.

    why add one ? because on the picture, if you count the center as 1, then the orbits that contain yellow dots are on the 3th, 4th, 6th, 8th orbits.

    at the beginning , the pictures are on the right, hints that you should start counting from the right,

  13. Hold on, let me simply things really quick.

    The entire blue map has 7 rings, which you can count by moving various panels around. There are four yellow stars located on the rings. If you count from the largest, outermost ring and go in, the stars are located on rings 1, 3, 5, and 6.

    Since the first star is on ring 1 (and on the top/first row of panels) you pull over the 1st panel on the top row, the 3rd panel on the 2nd, 5th on the 3rd, and 6th on the 4th row.

    Alternately, you can count the rings from inside out, and you’ll get 2, 3, 5 and 7. From there, you can position the panels in the same way, and you’ll have 7 gray spaces to the right of the top panel, 5 gray spaces to the right of the 2nd, 3 spaces right of the 3rd, and 2 spaces right of the bottom.

    I hope that helped!

    I hope that made

    • Sorry, I meant simplify, not simply, and I didn’t mean to put “I hope that made” at the end. But I still hope that it helped!

  14. Load of nonsense once again. Makes no sense whatsover. The people behind tis game have no real comprehesion of what logic actually means.

    • There are 9 rings corresponding to the orbits of 9 planets ..and there are bright yellow dots on the rings whic correspond to the planets from the center so mercury earth jupiter and saturn so 1,3,5,6

    • it’s lateral thinking not logical thinking

  15. Who is level two open the door?

  16. Why I can’t I get the tiles to move? Did I miss something?

  17. In the lower left corner of the map, there’s an O that corresponds to the wheel in the lower right of the picture. From the bottom up, out from the O, the yellow stars are on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th rings. From the wheel (lower-right) moving up, slide 2 blocks, 3 blocks, 5 blocks, and all 7 blocks. Done.

  18. I did exactly what the picture says and even read the comments to make sure it was right but it won’t work!! The dumb game was fun until I got to like level 70 and I feel like I’m applying for the FBI now…

  19. Forget those instruction especially about moving that last piece on the second row over. The solution is this:
    If you move the tiles around you can see there are “rings” and the smallest ring (at the bottom left corner) is ring 1. The positions of the YELLOW STARS are what you need to notice.
    The tiles on each row corresponds to which ring the stars are on.

    The lowest star is on ring #2 so move TWO TILES on the bottom (lowest row) to the RIGHT.
    Second lowest sta

    • Oops… Typing on my phone and pressed the wrong button…


      Second lowest star is on the THIRD ring so move THREE tiles on the second lowest row to the RIGHT.

      THIRD lowest star is on the FIFTH ring. So move FIVE tiles from the third lowest row to the right.

      Finally, the TOP star corresponds to the TOP row, and is on the SEVENTH ring, so move SEVEN bars on the top row to the right.

  20. I thought this level was so easy to me. It made sense to me about the distance of the stars. And for the people who didn’t get it, you have to remember that its LEVEL 100, the last level of The Main Tower so it’s supposed to be hard, to fill like its impossible to beat and seem like there is no hints. GOOD JOB TO THE MAKERS OF THE GAME!

  21. So, most people are still confused about this level so I hope to clear it up.

    When you begin level 100 you see four different rows with seven panels and behind these panels is a map. The picture shows and the wheel show that you must find points in the map. ( not sure if that made sense….) anyway, there are fours yellow dots behind the panels and each dot is on one of the circular lines. If you move the panels around you can count which number line these dots are on. For example, the lowest dot is on the second circular line from the white dot in the bottom left corner, this number is 2. Do the same thing for each dot and you will get the numbers 2, 3, 5, and 7 from lowest to highest dot. Now put the panels to the left as far as you can to get back to the begining position. From the top row you move 7 panels to the left, second row down you move 5 panels to the left, third row down 3 panels to the left and the bottom row 2 panels to the left. The door will open

    Now you you may be wondering how I know which amount of panels I move matches to which row I move them. Well, the lowest yellow dot is 2 so sense there is a lowest row of panels you move 2 panels to the left. Lowest dot matches with lowest panel.

    Hope this helped!!!

  22. A) I can only see HALF the map
    B) I can’t move any of the panels

  23. Thanks again gameteep for explaining the bloody level

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