100 Floors: Level 12


On 100 Floors: Level 12 some may find it a little difficult because the two button do not respond that well. What you need to do on 100 Floors: Level 12 to advance to the next level is to continue to tap on the red button on the ground (left and right) until the gray ball hits the top. You do not need to do this at the same time so you can complete one side then the other. This will unlock the elevator to 100 Floors: Level 13.

100 Floors - Stage 12

  9 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 12”

  1. On my tablet, there are NOT two buttons to tap. What do you do then?

  2. On my tablet, there are NOT two buttons to tap. What do you do then?

  3. My device doesn’t have to red buttons. Could there be other buttons on my device for this

  4. If you can’t see them on your tablet, then the game probably isn’t supported on it. It must be chopping off the image or something. Because the buttons are part of the game. Two red circles on the floor. I’m more inclined to believe that you are just a complete facking idiot, though.

  5. to finish the level you have to push the buttons short and quick, dont push it for long, it wont move very much

  6. Just tap each button once, but very quickly, letting your finger sit on the button for as short of a time as possible, i.e. lift finger quickly. One tap on each button will light each lamp if you do it this way.

  7. The trick is to use your pointer finger not your thumb(;

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