100 Floors: Level 22


On 100 Floors: Level 22 there is two sculptures on the right and left beside the red floors door.  Take your hammer from the tool set then bash the one on the right to reveal the hidden code that will allow you to get past 100 Floors: Level 22! Once you have bashed the sculpture and revealed the requirements of North,East,West,South. Slide the red door north then east then slide it west then south to unlock yourself in 100 floors towards 100 Floors: Level 23

100 Floors - Stage 22

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  1. hi

  2. Hi

  3. I can’t get past this level!!! :(

  4. Thankyou btw you have to do it northa east west south!!!

  5. Basically, use the hammer in your inventory and break the sculpture that has a ‘N’ poking out the top of it. It will say N-E-W-S which means North, East, West, South. So using the directions open the door, upwards, the left to right, then right to left then downwards. Hope this helps..

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