100 Floors: Level 23


The lights are switched off on 100 Floors: Level 23. Once you begin stage 23 switch the lights on by tapping the green switch in the right corner. This will reveal a number of symbols but use the cover you tool off of the previous stage to mask out the other symbols and only see the ones you really need.

Now that the easy part has been lifted the floors stage 23 has another portion. You need to enter the correct code in the correct order. If you follow this guide then it won’t be that hard so listen carefully. The code to unlocking this stage is to do it in the correct order. Tap the symbols from right to left then the door will unlock. This means tapping the sun symbol to the two flower type symbols in the middle then the lastly the fallen flower on the left. Then you will be on your way to 100 Floors: Level 24.


100 Floors - Stage 23

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  1. It didn’t work.. saw the same in a couple other sites. just didn’t work for me


  3. This works really well this is an amazing website I wish I was as smart as who ever writes these
    Their is a few people they say it doesn’t work but their just thick like way dumber than monkeys

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