100 Floors: Level 29


100 Floors: Level 29  is not a difficult stage at all! In fact the solution was found while we were busy writing this and the timer just started ticking. To help you understand what you need to do in this stage, you need to know that the 100 Floors: Level 29 is a motion sensor stage which means it is affected by how you move or tilt your device.

To beat 100 Floors: Level 29 you just need to place your device flat on a surface and wait until the bomb timer goes down then it will explode the 100 Floors: Level 29 doors and allow you to move onto 100 Floors: Level 30.

100 Floors - Stage  29

  10 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 29”

  1. It won’t work at all!!!!!

  2. It worked. Lay phone down flat on its back

  3. LOL thanks 😉

  4. huaaaaaaaaau

  5. Yessss it totally worked now lets have sex

  6. its not working and i have waited so long for this :'( now I’m sad thanks alot

    • Lay it flat, like…
      When I was looking this up I set it down flat on my laptop, and I found this website, then when I saw what I was supposed to do I looked down and it had already exploded. It does work, you may just be doing it wrong.

  7. Yay it worked , if you don’t understand it put your device on the floor and leave it for 5 seconds then it will blow up , SIMPLE !

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