100 Floors: Level 30


If you thought motion sensing was cool you should see that 100 Floors: Level 30 makes it one of the most difficult stage if you don’t know how to solve it. In fact, we cannot even give you an answer to this stage and that it is in the palm of your hands. On 100 Floors: Level 30 you will see a clock and a lever on the right. There is no riddle or clues to what to set the time to but hey that’s why Gameteep is so great right? The solution to 100 Floors: Level 30 is not difficult at all if you know how to find it. So let us begin by telling you that it’s not going to be a random time you will somehow be able to set to and have the door open. In fact it is a sensor of sensing your exact time. So press the home key and check out what time it is on your device then set the time to that on the door and then pull the lever which will unlock yourself out of 100 Floors: Level 30!

100 Floors - Stage 30

  • Wolphe

    The correct answer is “your” current time. If it is 12:15 right now, that will be the answer. 🙂

  • Alyssa deleva

    I dont know how to tell time

  • Friedchickenequwa

    Thats cuz it is fooo!

  • Ethan

    Mine wont open

  • Per

    The way I figured this one out was that the minute hand on the clock moved even when the floor was reset. The minute hand is in real time, you just have to correct it to your hour.

  • Haily

    Wow it took me like four times even using the correct time.

  • Melissa

    I don’t really understand what I’m doing wrong. I set the clock to my current time and pull the lever but nothing happens. Can someone help me?

    • saeed

      U must she yr device s time and the the clock equal into it

  • Ashley

    Its not working for me :l