100 Floors: Level 32


100 Floors: Level 32 is not an easy task because you need to do math. To beat 100 Floors: Level 32 you need to look at the 7 objects in the middle that have dots. What you need to do to pass this stage is make sure you have each line align to a total of 12 dots to unlock the door. To pass this stage place the 4 dots square in the middle then follow the instructions below:

Line 1: 7 – 4 – 3
Line 2: 2 – 4 – 6
Line 3:  5 – 4- 1


Update: For people confused with the meaning of three lines. There are only three lines on this stage and you can place them in any order as long as the four square dot is in the middle. We made a diagram to illustrate our way of placing the dots, you do not have to follow this order.

In theory, your solution will end up with the solution above regardless if you followed the diagram below or not.

100 Floors - Stage 32

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  1. Your explanation makes ZERO sense. And line "one" "two" and "three"? Wtf are you talking about?

    • Thank you for your question. If you look at the written solution. The four square dot is placed into the middle for this stage. There are only really three lines from left to right regardless of what you do. That's why we've made it easy by simply separating it into three lines.

  2. 4 in the middle, have to add to twelve diagonally, you even gave the combos. Great job. Thanks

  3. shut the f*** up I did it SIKE this all sucks.

  4. cool

  5. It's just that his math on the 2nd line is backwards. 6-4-2=0. All 3 lines =0.

    • Also, switch 5 & 1. He had to write the arrows in so you could see the screen before the door opened. So put 4 in the middle and then have the rest on the outside in the order 7, 3, 6, 1, 5, 2.

  6. What on the page tells us that this is what we are supposed to do? I’m going back through the levels and I know there has to be a tell… O.o

  7. I found this a really confusing solution! The examples you give above (not in the diagram are: Line 1: 7 – 4 – 3.
    Line 2: 2 – 4 – 6 Line 3: 5 – 4- 1 which do NOT add all add upto 12! After much confusion I realise you meant Line 1: 7 – 4 – 1.
    Line 2: 3 – 4 –5.
    Line 3: 6 – 4- 2 which DO all add up to 12.

  8. LOOOOL BOLLOX Get a pen and paper and go on youtube

  9. Wtf why is my level 32 got a hand in it and no Friggin dots – I’m confused 🙁

  10. Managed it without the need for a walkthrough,hurrah!

  11. I just put 1-7 and got through…

  12. Mine wont open i put the 4 in the middle but it wony open 🙁 wth???

  13. Thank you for the hints, it made perfect sense as soon as you mentioned adding up to 12.
    That said, please don’t make math look bad by apologizing for it or claiming it is hard. Math is not hard and we learn about it since the day we’re born, basically. We need to learn more math and drop the juvenile phobia of it; nothing is more important than math. Nothing.

  14. Thank you

  15. Flip the 1 and 5 on their pic and it will open

  16. That was easy. And I SUCK at math!!!

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