100 Floors: Level 33


100 Floors: Level 33 is a speed tap game. You have three colors at the bottom, white, yellow, and red. There are rotating pictures on the 100 Floors: Level 33 door so what you need to do is tap the color it represents until the door is unlocked. You need to do this perfectly for 5 turns to advance to 100 Floors: Level 34

100 Floors - Stage 33

  • Sammy

    what color is fire?!?!?

  • Unabeth

    Banana & lemon (looks like a pear) – yellow
    Fire & cherries – red
    Cloud &snowflake – white

  • Linda

    I’ve tapped the colors correctly 5 times in a row many times but the door never opens!

    • 4588

      Me too!