100 Floors: Level 35


100 Floors: Level 35 can be difficult if you don’t understand the riddle behind this door. When you first begin the stage you will see a steel door what you need to do is plug-in the electricity on the bottom right to reveal two numbers 88 on the door. You will also see the letter F at the top of the door. You might thing that what you need to do is tap the letters on the door to make the F letter but it isn’t. To advance to 100 Floors: Level 36 and beat 100 Floors: Level 35 you need to tap the numbers on the door to make the numbers “35” because that is the floor you are on.

100 Floors - Stage 35

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  1. level35 please…pershian

  2. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahhaa made u look

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