100 Floors: Level 41


100 Floors: Level 41 may look difficult but it isn’t what you need to do is try to figure out what each block is suppose to be on the door then you will be able to unlock the door on 100 Floors: Level 41. To do this you need to realize that the flies on the wall are an important signature and sign of how to unlock the door on 100 Floors: Level 41. Each time you tap on the fly it moves and draws a pattern. To make it easy for you we will tell you what pattern it is and how many times you need to tap.

Top left: Triangle// 2 Taps

Top right: Straight Line// 5 Taps

Bottom Left: Time-sand shape/// 2 Taps

Bottom Right: Triangle// 1 Tap

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  1. 100 floors is very hard i cant even get past level 41

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