100 Floors: Level 45


100 Floors: Level 45 is an amazing strategy based level that uses almost all of your device’s sensors. Well almost. Not only does it use your device sensors but it also tests your attention to details to the surrounding and eye sight. First and foremost, the most important thing to beating 100 Floors: Level 45 is to pick up the knife.

To get the knife it is secretly hidden away in the bottom left corner where there is a black strip. Tap it to pick it up then you may begin the 100 Floors: Level 45 you need to select the hammer then break the wind blower at the top left.

Once you have taken out the blower, you need to select the knife you picked up and slash to balloon strings. The balloon will fly and you will require to use your motion senors on the device to move it towards the red button so tilt your device left.

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