100 Floors: Level 46


100 Floors: Level 46 is an extremely simple stage that just requires you to work with the diagram that is in place. If you look at the floor you will see a diagram of all the symbols on the door. What you need to do in 100 Floors: Level 46 is to mimic that diagram to unlock the door. Make sure it is like the reflection in a mirror and you will be on your way to unlock 100 Floors: Level 46 to advance to 100 Floors: Level 47.

  • Coochy

    Yeah as if that really helps

  • Frank

    As if this really helps I play 100 floors and I use the cheat sometimes but I will do it myself now

  • rosie

    it kinda works o.o

  • Gulay


  • pouya

    tuch 3time all of them.

  • SOSO

    touching three on all of them worked!!!!!

    • Natasha

      This didn’t work for me :/

  • carisa

    Neither ways worked for me… 🙁

  • Victoria

    Neither ways worked for me. 🙁

  • Zera

    It never works for me!!

  • Gamer girl

    ARRRGHH I keep putting them in all kinds of mirror image positions,but none woooorrkk!!!! ARGH. What do I do? Can’t someone send a screenshot of the way it unlocks the door?

  • Awesomeness

    It’s the square that was wrong for me!

  • Twila Mendenhall

    3 is the answer. Tap each square 3 times.