100 Floors: Level 47


100 Floors: Level 47 is one of the most difficult stage because it is a puzzle building stage where you must try to connect the electricity to power the circle dot. This may sound like an easy task for any player but the problem is, the lines don’t seem to directly connect! Now that will throw players off because you don’t know if it’s actually connected on 100 Floors: Level 47 but rest assured that it is and by following the diagram below for 100 Floors: Level 47 you will be on your way to 100 Floors: Level 48.

  • Rubie

    Just waned to tell u that the last button box’s corner square is in the wrong place needs to be in the lower right corner. Also thank You I always go to Ur “cheats” first! *Rubie

  • Ella

    Rubie, the picture is NOT wrong!! Go back and do level 47 again. What happens when you get the diagram looking exactly like this picture and then click where the diagram says “last button”? The door opens and you can’t see the solution anymore!! That’s the whole point of the “last button” message: get the picture looking exactly like this and then click the square that says last button to solve the puzzle. There is no other way to post the solution than this! Please don’t confuse people!

  • Lool

    Gooooooo Ella!!! Wahoo,,yayy

  • Lisa

    Thanks Ella you rule! How old r u Rubie? This is kinda obvious!
    Once again thanks Ella. Rubie was confusing me.

  • Hannah

    Poor Ruby.

  • Zanebeatz

    Wth ruby thanks ella she rlly confused me lol

  • jace


  • LOL

    ummm Ok then thanks for adding back pictures and go ella i was with rubie on that one XD