100 Floors: Level 48


100 Floors: Level 47 is an amazingly easy stage where it is about counting the flowers and making sure it aligns with the colors. It’s not difficult to complete 100 Floors: Level 47 but we will help any players that need help with this 100 Floors: Level 47. To beat this level  you must use the knife and clear the path in front of you to the door. Once the path is clear tap the white circle to make it count 5 bars. Once that is done tap the yellow circle to make it count 5 bars. To complete 100 Floors: Level 47 you must tap the pink circle and make it count 4 bars to access to the next floor on 100 Floors: Level 48

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  1. cant get them to show the bars ps on kindle fire

  2. iPhone 6. I tap the buttons and nothing happens

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