100 Floors: Level 50


100 Floors: Level 50 is probably one of the most intensive stage in the entire 100 Floors app/game. This stage isn’t easy nor is it hard but it i will require you to make some physical effort into successfully beating this stage. If you haven’t guessed this stage you will see a person knocking on the door on the front door and on the ground you will see the text “Anybody Home?”, I’m sure you probably would have guessed it by now but this is a knocking game. To be exact. This is a tapping game.

What you want to do to beat 100 Floors: Level 50 is tapped really quickly and then the bar will fill up at the top but keep in mind this won’t be easy and won’t be hard but just intensive. So keep tapping until you beat 100 Floors: Level 50.

100 Floors Level 50

  16 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 50”

  1. Argh! it is Frustrating!!!!

  2. Grrr……! Its So Frustrating ! >.<

  3. my hand and wrist hurts and I cant get it done.

  4. I got it half way and I kept goin but it went more to the left than to the right…

  5. I can't do it

  6. I get half way and then my hand hurts like heck….

  7. Try using two or three fingers to tap, alternating rather than simultanious, to ease the strain.

  8. Use both index fingers go back in forth

  9. That was easy……

  10. Agh I got it, I sat for hours tapping it like mad but nothing worked. Try going back to level 49, and starting fresh. It was much more responsive after i restarted level 49.

  11. I literally knocked and was fine.

  12. Sorry but when does it stop hurting and start WORKING !?

  13. This is level 49

  14. I actually knocked on my iPad lol

  15. For anyone having trouble with this a few things to try are to set your device on a table or something and alternate fingers, or with your pointer finger and middle finger on one hand to press it quickly, hope this helps anyone having trouble!

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