100 Floors: Level 52


If you don’t understand 100 Floors: stage 52 it can be very hard because there are a bunch of Christmas decorations and a combination code barrier on the door. You will see 4x 0(s) that aligns with red snowflake buttons. To beat this stage you must tap the snowflake buttons which changes the numbers on the door. For your convenience we will give you the code so you don’t have to worry about it. The code for 100 Floors: Level 52’s door is 1-2-2-5.

100 Floors Level 52

  9 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 52”

  1. why so hard?it’s just a christmas date…

  2. Why is this the case? Is there reasoning behind it?!?!

  3. It is only hard because in some countries the date is other way around. It is hard to realise it is 1225 instead of 2512

  4. It was hard because in Sweden we celebrating Christinas 12/24

  5. …and it’s 24/12 most of the Europe as well… But, You can’t expect so much of a simple game…. ;o)

  6. 1 present
    2 angels
    5 bauble bunches

  7. oj! 1225 is christmas. lol. i am so stupid 🙂

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