100 Floors: Level 54


100 Floors: Level 54 requires you to use your alphabet mind to count the letters. At first you may be amazed by all the math but it’s really not that hard. When you begin 100 Floors: Level 54 you will see a numpad and an message that says “Enter: Code”. This is actually a very clear sign of how to beat this stage but it is confusing to some players. What you need to do is enter the word “Code” in alphabet digits.

For example, A = 01 so CODE according to this digit form is 03150405. This will unlock you from stage 54 and you can be on your way to 100 Floors: Level 55.

100 Floors Level 54

  7 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 54”

  1. Can someone please explain this level? Why? Thank you!

  2. A=01 B=02 C=03…….
    C o d e = 03 15 04 05

  3. Great help! Thanks

  4. C= 03 because its the third letter of the alphabet and O= 15 cause it is 15th letter in the alphabet. Etc..

  5. At first I thought it was like the letters and numbers correlation on the older mobiles:

    1 2 3
    abc def ghi

    4 5 6
    jkl mno qprs

    etc…. Made me think to figure even that out though 😉

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