100 Floors: Level 55


The 100 Floors: Level 55 stage is a motion sensor stage that is quite difficult and is mostly up to how you tilt your device. If you don’t see the other blocks floating on your screen then flip your device up and down and it might show up. Once it does make sure you are on a flat surface where you tilt your device only slightly to move it. Keep doing it until you have successfully unlocked 100 Floors: Level 55.

100 Floors Level 55

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  1. It's hard I tried doing it but I'll try ur way

  2. i can not get past this level, no matter what i do or how long i hold it still it wont move me to the next level.

  3. If you can't find the moving blocks no matter what you do, restart the level. Then, place your phone on a flat surface to restrict too much movement. Then, tilt the phone slightly in any direction. You will see the moving blocks. Continue moving them at different angles so that the different types of blocks fill up 100% of the elevator space. That will get it to open.

  4. I tried both ways n my blocks have yet to move at all!

  5. Try tilting from corner to corner. When I tilt from side to side or end to end I cannot get them to show up at all.

  6. i cant do it, i have been on this level for about a year! , i neeeeeeeeeeed help, none of your comments are helping me, i’m so hung up on this game/ that i just feel like braking my phone, aha! , i NEED your help ! pleeeeeeeeeeeease :'( .
    don’t worry i’m not crazy, aha, But I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

    • idk if you were able to complete this level yet but if not…honestly FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! i was just about to throw my phone across the room lol but then i calmed the hell down…put my phone on a flat surface, picked it up really gently and tipped up the corner just a little bit; just enough for the other blocks to show then moved my phone reallllyyy slowly until all the blocks were in place. don’t worry, you got this 🙂
      (and like someone said start by tipping corner to corner ever so slightly, tipping side to side didnt work for me either) GOOD LUCK

  7. so amazing………..

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t get it to stay in one spot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!^~^

  9. You just have to line them up so the left side vertical ‘red’ line is complete. Don’t try to cover the whole thing, it’s not possible. At least that’s how I did it. If you aim the dark green ‘sideways L’ (which looks like it should be in the bottom right corner…) try to get it about 3 or 4 blocks up from the bottom on the right it should just fit in place. Don’t have to balance it… if you get it close enough it will open the door automatically.

  10. This level made me crazy l can’t pass it l read the comments but …
    I think my brain is giving me error help me guys!!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for the help but none of u told me how to get the peices on the screen in the first place. Most of these were telling me what to do once they r on the screen. And if what u said did tell me what to do first then it didn’t work for me.

  12. I accidentally dropped my ipad, but when it was falling the pieces came onto the screen. So maybe drop it onto a sofa and see how that works???

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