100 Floors: Level 56


In 100 Floors: Level 56, Floor 56 is a mine sweepers game. Players will be greeted with flags and numbers to match in order to try to solve the puzzle for floor 56. If you know the logic to mine sweepers it will be a very easy task for those that love the game and will definitely wiz past 100 floors: Level 56 with ease.

For those that are not familiar with mine sweepers then not a problem! We will have a detailed picture guide to help you solve floor 56 in 100 floors! For now let us guide you how to the solution for 100 floors: level 56. What you need to do for floor 56 is count the number of flags around it then match it then you will unlock the door on floor 56 to floor 57.

100 floors - floor 56

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  1. not helping

  2. How Many Flags Does Each Numbered Square Touch? Put That Number In The Square.

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