100 Floors: Level 57


Floor 57 on 100 floors is not that difficult. It’s just moving objects around then slamming the elevator door open. What you will see on floor 57 of 100 floors when you start the game/app is that there’s a red button on the left and a round circle ball on the right. You will also see a hook to the top left. If you see all of this in your stage then it’s most likely floor 57.

To beat floor 57 in 100 floors you need to press and hold the red button until it gets to the other side near the ball on the right. Once it does let go and pull the hook down to have it lock onto the ball. Once this happens you can choose to swing it by pressing on it but what we need to do to beat floor 57 is have it move into the middle of the green elevator door then keep on slamming it until it is broken to move on to floor 58 of 100 floors.

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