100 Floors: Level 58


Once you reach floor 58 on 100 floors you will notice there is a small keyboard for pianos. Let us tell you that this maybe an easy task for the great musician or music lover but definitely not for those with no music talent. In case anyone is thinking about themselves, we mean us.

To beat and solve floor 58 in 100 floors, you must use the keyboard and play the keys accordingly to the Hz on the wall to unlock the door. This may be no easy task for the average player with no music background but is definitely an easy task for those that know their keyboard Hz and keys. We will have a detailed picture of each key and how to solve the puzzle for 100 floors: level 58 to help you.

Please keep in mind that you need to play the keys from left to right then down left to right and so forth. Good luck and see you in Floor 59 of 100 floors!

  1. Far right key
  2. Middle Key
  3. Far Left Key
  4. Far Middle key
  5. Far Right Key
  6. Far Right Key
  7. Far Right key
  8. Far Left key
  9. Middle Key
  10. Middle Key
  11. Right Key
  12. Middle Key
  13. Far Left key



100 Floors - Floor 58

  34 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 58”

  1. I don’t have music background but when you play it it’s Mary had a little lamb!

  2. Stuck on this level…

  3. much much too hard.

  4. Think of the white keys as numbers ( far left =1 far right = 3)
    Follow this sequence – 321 233 312 23 21

  5. wont work

  6. 321
    The door will be opened

  7. success

  8. using only the white keys, this is the sequence:
    right, middle, left,
    middle, right, right,
    right, left, middle,
    middle, right,
    middle, left

  9. It’s definitely not “Mary had a little lamb”! I can play that by memory, but when I tried on this game, that’s not the case. Thanks for the helpful tips of the numbers though!

  10. If you’re going to be a spoiler site, at least get the solution right! Thanks for nothing!!

  11. Im sorry gameteep but this is just bad give us the correct answer

  12. Ok. Heres the solution Hope it helps


  13. If you don’t understand and are blaming this site, you are an idiot.. Look at the picture. They give each white piano key a specific number… Lowest to highest how Americans read, left to right… The number sequence is written on the elevator door… FOLLOW IT! Quit taking out your stupidity on a helpful site.. The answer above is CORRECT! It’s not the key above that’s wrong… It’s clearly the operator… YOU! Smh..

    • honey maybe you’re the one who should check it twice. it is wrong. not thepicture but the way they told it to go left right or middle. next time be more cautious before calling people stupid. not all people know music so not all people understood.

  14. I had to play it twice

  15. i play piano so i could do it. NOT. I WAS STUCK. CALM DOWN WRITE THE ORDER AND PLAY IT.

  16. Actually, the page is wrong. If you want the real answer, check out TheMinecraftSpider’s comment. That’s where I got the answer from. Trust me, the two ARE different.

  17. thanks alot!

  18. they have rows 2 and 4 reversed they tell you that you have to play the keys/Hz left to right then down left to right and so forth but in the picture and the way they list the keys in the order to play why have it as R-L/L-R/R-L/L-R/R-L

    Read more: http://www.gameteep.net/100-floors/level-58/#ixzz2dcRTUo6q

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