100 Floors: Level 60


Floor 60 in 100 floors is right after floor 59 and you will see a wooden door that looks like a mask with some color strips on it. What you need to do in 100 Floors: Level 60 is use the fire wood in your inventory then light up the torch on the left and right then look at the drums at the bottom.

Once you have lite the torch what you need to do is tap the drums in this order:

1) 4x Red

2) 2x Dark Blue

3) 1x White

4) 4 Light Blue

The door on floor 60 will open allowing you to proceed to floor 61.


  13 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 60”

  1. I thinks it’s the best floor

  2. karna level saya randa

  3. inggin token

  4. Uhh its not working for me?? idk what to do

  5. Help someone… IT’S NOT WORKING!!!

  6. Ahh I get it now

  7. Well duh! Floor 60 is after floor 59!

  8. You have to use the stick on fire to set the torches at the side of the door first then beat the drums :p

  9. It won’t work for me I did it correctly but no it didn’t work

  10. It doesn’t work?

  11. You need to light the other touch on the other side

  12. You forget add fire!

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