100 Floors: Level 62


In 100 Floors: Level 62 you will see a bunch of lasers on floor 62. These green lasers require you to first select your knife then on the second left row take the knife and slide your fingers down to cut and lock them to 1 laser. Once you have done this you will be left with one left that’s pointing to the bottom right.

Tap the left arrow on the ground 4 times then tap the arrow on the right 3 times or until it unlocks the door on floor 61 to floor 62.

  • D P Me

    It doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!

    • Unabeth

      It does work but it can take a bit of practice for accuracy.

  • Peter

    Usel youtube knife to cut the Calle to the loudspeaker!

  • Peter

    Damn autocorr. Use knife to cut power to loudspeaker.