100 Floors: Level 66


Floor 66 in 100 floors is yet another simple stage but lets not be so haste and enjoy the view! When you first set foot in floor 66 you will see there are tons of spikes at the bottom, making it looks like death’s peak. What you want to do is look very carefully at the bottom right and pick up the rod. With that done head on over to the left beside the door and pick up the zipline then select the zip-line and use it on the door to have it open!

100 floors - floor 66

  • thewalrus

    It’s not called a zip line. It’s a grappling hook.

    • Ash

      You pull down on the line about 5 xs till the door falls down.

    • Dalton

      I dont see the rod and when I tap the bottom right it wont let me grab anything. How did you get it?

  • emma

    it wont let me grab the grappling hook