100 Floors: Level 69


Floor 69 in 100 floors is a time based stage, this means you need to time it correctly to be successful at it. Stage 69 looks like you have been thrown into an aquamarine where you see that you are under water and have a bunch of seaweeds and other plant/water related stuff. On the far right hidden behind the plant is a fish. On the top is a bulb that will drop and always re-spawn. Now on the bottom left is a  octopus that is blocking the drain to level 69 of 100 floors to allow you to pass this stage. That being said, we’re sure you’ve guessed what you need to do.

To begin floor 69 you should tap the bulb at the top for it to drop, then once it does drop tap the right side so the fish will begin swimming. If you have timed it correctly, the bulb will hit the octopusallowing the water to drain. If not, then repeat the process. Once you’ve had the water completely drained, use the knife in your inventory then slash away the seaweed to unlock the door on level 69 to make your wat to floor 100’s floor 70!


100 floors - floor 69

  • Nicole

    It’s not a rock blocking the drain… It’s an octopus. You’ve got a few spelling errors in here also.

    • Unabeth

      Can you not read? He PUT octopus….

      • Dus

        They probably just corrected it after people said that. Chill

  • thewalrus

    It’s an octopus….not a rock