100 Floors: Level 71


Floor 71 was unleashed to the world on June 12, and to solve this 100 floors puzzle, we have created a diagram to help you on your way to success! When you begin the stage of 100 floors, you will see that there is a Ying Yang symbol in the middle alone with other traditional Asian signs – or lines anyways. Once you have had your peak and fun looking at the symbols and lines you will notice that the top three squares are tap-able. This means each time you tap the square, you can change the lines and split them accordingly to the way you want.

To solve 100 floors level 71 you must follow the diagram below and tap the squares on the top left, middle, and top right according to the lines shown below. Once you do the door will unlock and your adventure will continue to floor 72 in the 100 floors app!

  1. TOP LEFT: 4 Taps
  2. MIDDLE: 5 Taps

100 Floors Level 71

  2 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 71”

  1. Why’s that the case??

  2. Ying & Yang is complementary concept.. so you must put complement of the symbol shown (or better say, opposite symbol)

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