100 Floors: Level 72


Level 72 on 100 floors is a race track stage of a sort, well it looks like one anyways. When you begin the stage, you will see that in 100 floors, stage 72 that there are two checkered flags on the top right and top left and a checker line at the top. You can actually use the knife to cut the flag on the right to reveal a < mark to help you in solving the puzzle.

Once you are done examining the stage, it’s time to solve the puzzle. In short, we will  just let you know how to solve the puzzle, make sure you are on a fresh start of floor 72, once the stage begins slide the yellow to the top then slide the red. Once the red and yellow is at the top slide the blue then finally slide the green. This will unlock the door on floor 72 of 100 floors.

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Green


    • Fjfdsfs

      The solution is wrong. The number of sides reflects which dash it is on. See the other comments.

      • Amanda

        This worked! Thanks!

        • adam

          does not work

    • one direction lover

      yeah it wont work ive seen it 2000 times!

      • Unabeth

        You need to learn to count; she was right! I found it obvious but I’m surprise you’d need to imply someone is on drugs because they knew what they were talking about.

      • tracey

        Hi sophie
        Can you help me plz on the race track level 72 please. Thanks tracey

    • Iesha

      Even this solution doesn’t work on iPad =\ No solutions work 🙁

    • Agj

      The official instructions r stupid and are confusing but I just went to the next floor thanks to you

  • nick

    Huh… I did the sequence after a redo to give that fresh start and I still got nothing. Hopefully not a glitch. :/

  • Stephanie

    Thanks so much Sophie!!!!!

  • lynette

    Anyone have the solution for Android?

  • Thomas

    My logic is different: each “lane” has six dashes. Each shape has different number of sides. Place each shape on the dash that corrisponds to it’s number of sides. Red-slide up to rest on 3rd dash. Green-slide down to rest on dash 5. White-slide all the way down to dash 6. Move to Blue-slide slightly to rest on dash 4. Now, slide Yellow (a circle so no sides) to move ahead in the “race” to rest on 2nd dash. Poof!

    • Cassie Crosgrove

      Thank you Thomas! That actually worked!

    • Marie

      Thank you!!!!

    • Em

      YAY! Your suggestion worked. I am on a kindle fire hdx and the solution in the video did nothing. I thought that I was going crazy or that my game was really cheap knock off instead of the real thing. I don’t know why the solution didn’t work, but this did! I wasn’t sure why it didn’t work because I have played it on my iPod and the rest of the solutions matched the ones used to beat the levels. Thanks!

  • Brenda

    Not working :/

    Motorola Photon.

  • lufoo

    Just place the cars on the line which has the same numbers as corners. Circle at top, triangle at third line and so on. The lines the cars are on.

  • sonia

    For android users we have to arrange the shapes in order of the number of sides they have. For example you must put the circle first, followed by the triangle below it, then the square below the triangle etc…

  • kim

    Thanks Sonia I have galaxy s2 and your solution worked no need to cut the flag either

    • neo

      thats right!
      thank u !

    • Pat

      Line them up closer to the ground not the chequered finish line. so for example the square has four sides so it is the 4th dash from the floor. the triangle is the third dash from the floor and so on.

  • Tara

    Use the number of sides on each shape as your guide. For example, circle = 1 side, so it goes on the first line (closest to the top), the triangle has the next fewest sides, so it goes on line 2…the square on line 3…and so on.

  • storm

    u can saw Each a road with six small lines
    put yellow on the top line
    put red on the second line
    put blue in the middle line
    put green on the four line
    put white on the bottom line

    • source_03

      this works!

    • shiva

      Thank you

  • jabo

    Dont forget to place the white one all the way at the bottom:)

  • noëlgeáno

    After alot of experimenting, i Came to the conclusion that the video is totally wrong! Atleast i Think it is. The thing that worked for me..
    The order of cars is correct, circle first, triangle second… But instead of sliding them forward, you have tot slide the circle to the top, triangle tot the second roadmark on his line, square on the third roadmark on his line, and so on …. that worked for me! Good luck

    • D P Me

      The vid is wrong

      It shows them going all the way to the end

      It should be yellow at the end
      Red one line away from the end
      Blue two lines away
      Green three lines away

  • lol chair

    it dident work for me either man all videos i tryed to work D:

  • lol chair

    it dident work for me either man all videos i tryed dont work D:

  • David

    Circle goes to top. Triangle covers line 3 square covers line 4 pentagon like 5 and hexagon line 6

  • Naveen

    The above solution not working,

    Try like this

    1. Put the circle on the first road mark

    2. Triangle on the second

    3. Square on the third

    4. Pentagon on the fourth

    5. And the last shape on the fifth

    it works for me

  • jacob

    Does not work 🙁

  • Raymark2

    I finally get it, its not about making the shapes complete the race in a certain order, just move the shapes so they are in whatever place lime move circle up to first, triangle into second place leave square in the middle for third place, slide back pentagon fourth place and hexagon in last hahaha that video really threw me off

  • Jeff

    ok why I had to do a different solution like others is beyond me. here is the solution

    found this on another site as others have posted above but you have to count the marks starting from the finish line down , not bottom up to finish line.
    1. Put the circle on the first road mark

    2. Triangle on the second

    3. Square on the third

    4. Pentagon on the fourth

    5. And the last shape on the fifth

  • Elyssa

    This help me so much!!!!

  • Ellie Cater

    Ok so there are two solutions, both worked for me first time.
    1. You move all the shapes up as far as they will go in order of the number of sides they have (circle, triangle, square, pentagon) then the door will open (before you have chance to move the hexagon).

    2. You place the different shapes on the different dashes, again, this corresponds to the number of sides. Therefore, as others have mentioned: circle goes on the first dash (the top one) on its column; the triangle goes on the second; square on the third; pentagon on the fourth and finally, hexagon on the bottom dash in its column.

    Hope this helps!!