100 Floors: Level 73


Level 73 in 100 Floors is a math game. When you begin the stage you will be at zero and there is a +20 or +5 on the left and right. You can slide left, right, up, or down depending on the amount you want to add to your middle number.

To beat floor 73 you want to get to the final number of 73, however to do this is not an easy task and you must understand that the wrong number can cause you to restart right from the start or maybe near the beginning, causing you to restart the stage.

The walkthrough for floor 73 in 100 floors is to start by adding 20 which will make you have 20 in total then times it by 2, this will increase your door number to 40 then minus 10 from 40 bringing you to 30 then times it by 3 giving you a total of 90 on the door, which is too much. At 90 however you can divide by 2 which will give you 45 then you can add 15 giving you a total of 60 then divide by 4, which gives you 15 and other numbers, so times 15 by 5 giving you 75 which gets you closer. Once you are at 75, minus 5 then there is an option to +3 which is your final destination to 73.

Once you have completed that your door will open on floor 73 in the 100 floors app allowing you to take the elevator in 100 floors to floor 73.

The simple instructions:

  1. +20
  2. x2
  3. -10
  4. x3
  5. /2
  6. +15
  7. /4
  8. x5
  9. -5
  10. +3


100 Floors Level 73

  9 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 73”

  1. I guess I got lucky with this one. I kept selecting things wih the goal o taking away as little as possible and making my number bigger. I assumed the goal was to make 100. XD

  2. I understood perfectly!

  3. I understood perfectly!

  4. Reading the instructions was better than following the numbers below

  5. I AM STUCK!!!! So confusing

  6. U just have to slide in the direction that the # u clicked was on

  7. U just have to slide in the direction of the thing that you clicked

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