100 Floors: Level 74


Floor 74 in 100 floors is a floor with a polygon in the middle, and on the ground. When you press the one in the ground you will light up colors that spins across from bottom left to bottom right. It’s not hard to think that this will be a code pressing game of some sort, but it isn’t. Basically for floor 74, each triangle on the polygon represents a light that is lite up each time you press the button.

What you want to do to beat this stage is press the button on the ground then watch carefully what each color is on each side. You may think at first you need to press them in order but that is definitely not your task for this floor. To beat floor 74 in 100 floors, you must try to find the colors on the sides that have NOT be lite up by the lights. Below we at Gameteep have created the diagram for you to 100 floors level 74. The last switch should be teal and once you change the color, the door will open. This will allow you to advance and solve the puzzle to floor 74, the next floor will be floor 75 in 100 floors.

100 Floors Level 74

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  1. have NOT be lite up by the lights. cryptic.

  2. Your descriptions are really hard to understand sometimes…

  3. When you push the button on the floor that starts the flashing colors, each color shows up in every possible spot of the 6 small circles except for one. That’s then where you put that color. Do it either one color at a time watching which spot doesn’t have that color in it or just follow the picture above. Starting at the bottom going clockwise it’s Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue and ends with Teal/Light Blue. Hope that helps.

  4. I got the colour order right but my red triangle was where the teal should be so I needed to rotate it clockwise one triangle.

  5. Confused I’m trying but it’s sucking

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