100 Floors: Level 75


Floor 75 on 100 floor is an another easy floor that players will find themselves breezing through. When you begin the stage you will see two weights on both sides (uneven of course). There are some metal weights on the ground (3 to be exact). To beat 100 floors’s floor 75 you need to place all three silver weights on the ground on the right side which will tip the scale the other way.

Once you do this bring the small weight that was originally on the right scale to the left and it will balance out like below. Doing this will unlock the first green lights then tilt your device 180 degrees or upside down and it should unlock the second green lights allowing you to unlock the door on floor 75 in 100 floors app.
100 Floors Level 75

    • Leslie

      Hold it upright and even like you are balancing them

    • Lool

      Wow haha (not)!!!!

  • Unabeth

    Sometimes you just need your phone completely upright, that’s what worked on my iP4

  • kk michels

    I have tried so many times. But it won’t let me place the three weights on the right.

    • Tara

      It won’t let me put more than 1 weight on the right side and I had a hell of a time justg getting the 1 up there. How do u get them to stay put????

  • shamurocks4

    it wont give mt the second light, even if i flip it upsidedown afterwards

  • Ricky

    It worked really well, thanks. I was half way there, it let me put the weights on, which I figured was what you were supposed to do but I couldn’t get the other light. I googled it, found this and… Ta Da!

  • Aralie

    I can’t get the weights to level out. After placing all three weights on the right, I try to move the small one to the left, but it puts it in my inventory? Please help.