100 Floors: Level 78


When you begin level 78 on 100 floors, you will see 4 cubes in the middle of the door and some blocks on the ground. Each of these blocks can change colors at your tap and there is also a green block with a question mark. From the wall of floor 78 you will notice that there is also matching colors and a question mark. The required colors on this floor is Brown, Green, Blue, Red, White, and Black.

Your task on this 100 floors stage is to try to match the 3D image into a 2D image of the cube that is not built. To do this you must imagine yourself building a cube using paper and figure out which block will end up as the cube look on the door on 100 floors: level 78. For your convenience  the solution and diagram to floor 78 is created to you by us below. Simply follow the colors by tapping on the squares and the door on floor 78 will unlock to floor 79 in your 100 floors game!

100 Floors Level 78

  7 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 78”

  1. I’m pretty sure they have the black and three blue the wrong way round there! Opens the door though..! Thanks

  2. Their answer (the game people) is wrong. The brown and red should be switched to make the cubes they show you.

  3. People, not only is the question mark upside down it’s the mirror image. Turn your phones upside down and check it out yourselves.

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