100 Floors: Level 80


100 Floors: Level 80 is an amazing stage that just tests your skills and maybe readability with numbers backwards. To make it easy for you we will list the numbers below in the correct order. Remember that this stage you need to use the fire torch for the entire level to solve the puzzle, including the button on the ground in the middle of floor 80.

The numbers at the top of the screen are as follows:

If you want to beat 100 Floors: level 80 then you need to follow the guide closely below.

  • 1) First lite 1, 3 , 2
  • 2) Press the Ground button
  • 3) Lite 5, 4 Press
  • 4) Ground Button
  • 5) Press Ground button
  • 6) Lite 5, 3
  • 7) Press Ground button

Congratulations you have beaten 100 Floor, floor 80!

100 Floors Level 80

  37 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 80”

  1. The number at the "top of the screen" is incorrect, which in turn makes step three backwards. The number is making it "light 5, then 4".

  2. not working

  3. I believe you are inaccurate on this floor due to the fact that you have made a large school boy error by forgetting the finally pressing of the ground button! i will be making a formal complaint and would advise you in furture to not help people if you are going to lie. If this happens again, i will have no other choice but to involve Apple authorities.


    William Ashby

    • Are you serious??? hahaha what a moron.. Do you really think Apple would respond to your stupidity?? wow!! haha

      First of all he is completely correct. The numbers on the top of the screen are backwards so the order of the torches are backwards. I seriously do not get the ignorance and stupidity of people like you.

    • Dumb ass

    • Seriously? Involve the “Apple authorities”? And you really think that they’d listen to a grammatically incorrect whiner like you?
      Someone needs a reality check.

      • Ever heard of something called “irony”? But hey, I guess it takes an IQ higher than 60 to figure it out, which means, 90% of the US citizens, including you guys, are out…

    • shut up noob

  4. To everyone who says “NOT working”, IT IS working! The instructions are PERFECT.

  5. It does work there is just one thing missing… After lighting 1,3,2 then lighting 5,4 you must then press the ground button again to register that there are no lights lit. Don’t just ignore the 0 in the sequence!

  6. Just use the Mirror. It's Easier.

  7. You forgot to mention that the Torches are reversed. So the first torch is actually the 5th one… Took me awhile to realize this

  8. Everything the directions say are abit confusing but everything is completely in order and perfect

  9. Oh my god the “apple authorities” wont help your dumbshit whining! These directions are perfectly correct!!!!ok deal with it!

  10. It really surprises me how many people are capable of criticising others, but are incapable of reading! -.-

  11. I was trying to find a hidden website using this as an ip-address…now I am disappointed that that is not the way to do it 🙁


  13. 0_0

  14. OMG!!! Haha im just lmho reading this!!! U guys r so weird. Lol haha. (I dont mean any harm)

  15. Maybe it’s not working because your clicking the torches as 1,2,3 in the beginning when it’s
    1, “3” ,2. That’s just the mistake I did.

  16. I teed it… doesn’t work-try it again… doesn’t work-try it 4the 3RD time and it finily doesn’t work (again) fininy on the 4th time it works!:)

  17. There is honestly one thing I find ironic, is that idiotic people are name calling other idiots idiots. It’s not for me to say who is intelligent or not, but it is fairly obvious that something needs to be said. First, the apple authorities couldn’t care less about incorrect information about an app they did not create, and they are not lying, it was simply a mistake upon their behalf. Second, it is a game, haven’t you heard your parents say to you before,” it is only a game,” while you are getting worked up over someone ‘cheating’ or ‘lying’? Third, there is no need to mock a person that is to far from reality to realize that no one cares. You would not be glad that someone starts mocking and making fun of you because you didn’t realize something. Lastly, let us assume that you in fact like to be mocked, why should any give a crap at all. Just because he is an Ase and would like to point it out, you really shouldn’t, needless to say.

    – OmnisGamer

    • Thank You!

    • Thank you Omnis Gamer!!!!! I’ve just been scrolling through this and I just couldn’t stop laughing I mean these comments would brighten anyone’s day but really I mean ITS A FREAKEN GAME SO IF YOU WANT TO CRY TO MUMMY ABOUT STOP FREAKEN PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!. I agree with Omnis Gamer completely.
      Me 😀

  18. I was having issues with this myself , you have to start at the right and go to the left, instead of left to right like reading. there is no need to contact apple. They would do nothing. The person who did this page just made a mistake, at the end you do NOT press the ground button.

  19. People, please stop being drama bums, I don’t like fighting. If you have a problem with the game, stop playing it. Other wise don’t make a big deal out of one level…please!

  20. Yes you actually DO press the ground button at the end. I tried it and it worked for me.

  21. How to lite

  22. It says 132 not 123. It goes 132 stone 54 stone stone 53 stone

  23. not working help

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