100 Floors: Level 81


In floor 81 in 100 floors you will see a number of math symbols and the numbers 6s. You will also see an equal sign on the left side of the door. To be exact, you have 2 X signs and 3 + signs and 4x 6 infinity numbers. These are all on the square in the middle of the door in which you need to find the answer to.

There is no current solution, comment below if you know. We will update live as solutions are found.

Solution was graciously contributed by Mattie

You must turn your device upside down then press 6 x 6 then the door will open. This is a motion sensor stage.

100 Floors Stage 81

  • Mattie

    Turn device upside down, note the level number is 81. The six’s have now become nines, darken 9 x 9 which equals 81, the press the equals sign.

    • GGamerXDemolition

      Well played level 81… Well played

  • Qwertyuioppdadvbkhf

    This is a motion sensor stage. The goal is to reach 81. The lines above what look like 6’s are actually telling you that they are 9’s. 9 times 9 is 81 so with your device upside down push 9 times 9 and the door will open.

  • sophie

    Ive tried everything 9×9 upside and notnive tried clicking equals sigh after it it still hasnt worked…

  • brett

    I’ve tried everything as well exactly as y’all say to do it it doesn’t work

  • Dawn

    There are 4 9’s and two x signs. Does it matter what combo you use? I’ve tried them all and still can’t get it open!

    • debb

      hold your phone verticle when you do it…no angle 🙂

    • Jamison

      I found it out! You have too press 9 then 9 then X not 9 x 9 make sure it’s on the top row only

      • GGamerXDemolition

        and by top row u mean bottom row… Or do u? >:) wahahahahahaha

  • debb

    also tried every 9X 9 combo and doesn’t work 🙁

  • Alyson

    It worked for me.have you cleaned your screen in a while?

  • Kat

    Anyone over the age of 9 who can’t do this is quite slow. Simply put:

    The 6s have lines above it which indicate to ANYONE that the bottom of the number is the line, which means you have to turn your phone UPSIDE DOWN.

    The floor is 81 and you have nothing but 9s and + or x…. Everyone over the age of 9, without special needs, SHOULD know that 9×9 = 81.

    • Emma

      Please don’t be rude, just because you are on the internet doesn’t mean you need to be mean. I thought they just made the 9’s upside down to be tricky.
      Just because you are talking to strangers on the Internet, doesn’t mean it’s not hurtful to a real person somewhere.

  • ashlynne

    This level is so hard I tried everything. I don’t understand it.

  • Thomas Panebianco

    Note: your device must be upside down for the equation to work…it doesnt matter which 2 nines you push as long as it’s 9×9=